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VAZ 2107 in Novosibirsk for rent at 500 rubles per day.

In current crisis conditions our company offers cars for rent at an anticrisis prices.

This car would not disturb you with electronic systems.

VAZ rental in Novosibirsk is a necessary reality, provided with attractive prices for VAZ's vehicles. It must be mentiobed that the quality of injector engines is a pleasant surprise. These cars are not tugging during driving with a cold engine and a process of their launching is not differs from foreign cars yet.

You can get VAZ 2107 for rent in Novosibirsk for 500 rubles per day.

Call us: +7 (383) 2279337

Or visit us: 630058 Novosibirsk, Russkaya str, 48.

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VAZ rental in Novosibirsk. VAZ for rent in Novosibirsk.
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