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Novosibirsk region (Novosibirskaya oblast')

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Among old relics and monuments in Novosibirskaya oblast there are those, who saved evidences of the events when Siberia had not jointed Russian state and at the beggining of russian colonisation. one of them is an old setttlement of siberian tatars.
Barabinsk tatars had  left one of the unique monuments - Voznesenskoe ancient city or Tuntur, which is situated on the left bank of the Om river, near Voznesenskoe village of the Vengerovskiy district.
Another monument of siberian tatars is an old Urt-Ora in the Colyvanskiy district. This ancient city is known as Chatskiy from historical documents of XVII - XVIII centuries.
There is stockaded town Umrevinskiy on the right bank of the Ob river - in 100 km from Novosibirsk (near current village Umreva of the Moshkovskiy district). This stockaded town is the first sign of the russian statehood at Novosiberian land and the first defencive fortifying, constructed by russian explorers. It is now under state protection as an archeological monument.

Cars for rent in Novosibirsk/ Karachi lake. Sight of the Chanovskiy district is the "Karachi lake" resort - the most famous in Novosibirsk district. The first private resort on the north bank of the bitter-salt lake Karachi was established in 1889 year. deseased people swem in the lake, made oneself dirty with a special dirt and after drying took salt bathes. In 1900 year Siberian Rail Ways Departement built a few wooden houses on the South bank of the lake specially for railway workers. In two years they established park which grew into a green oasis in the middle af Baraba. Near to railway resort in 1911 and 1913 opened two private resorts. In 1920 all the resorts at the Karachi lake were nationalized and united into single Karachinskiy resort. At the same time professors from the Tomsk Valedinskiy I.A., Kurlov M.G. and Ruzskoi M.D. began detailed research of the healing properties of the lake. After the Second World War there were built stone buildings, summer pavilions, beautiful builging of the club and dining hall. In 1958 after deep drilling they've got minerat water with the "Essentuki" water quality.

Wildlife preserve "Kirgizskiy". States wildlife preserve with the federal subordinationestablished at 12 of september in 1958. It is dituated in the central area of the Barabinsk forest-steppe at the territories of Barabinsk and Chany districts of the Novosibirsk region.

Wildlife preserve was established to provide required regime and protection of water-marsh birds' lands, which have international importance as a place of habitation of waterfowl birds, safeguarding, reclaiming of peproduction of the main hunting animals, preservation of their environment, protecting areas of mass concentration waterfowl and marsh birds and routs of their migration, and also with a target of preservation, reproduction and restoration of rare and threatened species of animals, protecion of typical forest-steppe landscape.

Among protecting objects there are elk, roe, badger, musquash, mountain hare, brown hare, fox, corsac, lynx, bright polecat, marten, siberian weasel, ermine, weasel, black grouse, partridge,  willow grouse, quail, gooses (big white browed goose, bean goose, grey goose), ducks, rails, sandpipers, grey crane, swans, white-tailed (sea) eagle, fish hawk, avocets,
stiff-tailed ducks, great black-headed gull and other birds (totally about 250 kinds) and also nutural area of lake-squatting complex of lands with stepped areas (lake-squatting lands "Schuchi ozera").
Slrentacar is a quality, reliability, low prices and comfortable service.

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