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*** Land property for sale

For investors' and broker companies' attention!

We offer You ground areas from 10 000 rubles per one hundred square metres.

Land devided at lots contains from 10 to 40 one hundred square metres and situated on a bank of the Ob river in 130 km from Novosibirsk.

Broker's commission is from 6 to 12 % and depends on sales.

Lots are situated in a guarded perimeter with a general recreation area.

Combined with purchasing of a lot it is available to concluse a contract on wooden houses building by projects of Russian and Italian architectors and designers. Value is 10 000 rubles for a square meter.

Our offer is for clients with a permanent income and vacant money.

The beggining of the construction - Spring of 2009 finishing 2010-2012 year.



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Land property for sale.
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