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Khakasiya / Repubpic of Kakasiya is situated in the South-Western part of the East Siberia at the left bank of the Enisei river basin, at the areas of the Sayano-Altaian upland and Khakass-Minusinian kettle. Its lengh from the North to the South is 460 km, from the West to the East is (in the widest part) 200km. In the North, East and South-Eeast parts it borders with Krasnoyarskiy krai, in the South with Tyva republic, in the South-West with Altai republic, in the west with Kemerovo region. Climate is acutely continental with dry and hot summer and cold and with little snow winter. Average temperature in July is +17C, in January -18C. Average annual amount of precipitations is 300-700 mm in the steppen area and up to 1500mm in the taiga-mountain. Previval relief of the country is consists of steppes, muontains and taiga. Sayan mountains, which heigth is more than 2000m occupies two third of the territory are situated in the West and South of the republic. There are almost all types of water objects: mountain rivers, tarns, rivers of the foothills, water with flat type of the regime (steppen rivers and lakes of the closed kettles).
Water pools. The biggest part of the region is situated in the middle stream of the Enisei's basin, whish is now regulated with Kranoyarskaya, Sayano-Shusenskaya and Maynsakaya hydroelectric power plants. Its water resourses are used mainly for an electricity production. In Khakaiya there is situated famous in Siberia lake Shira with healing water and dirt and also many other lakes which water are also healing. In the sormation of the runoff volume of the Enisei and the Ob revers take part more than 320 little rivers. Little rivers are also play important role in formation of the underground water exploitation stores in the steppen part of the republic and in agricultural complex. Surfase water pools pepresented with the whole row of the stotage pools (the biggest of them are Krasnoyarsk pool, Sayano-Shushensk pool, Maynskoe pool) and natural lakes which amount in the republic is more than 500.
Mineral wealth. Khakasiya is one of the oldest mining regoins in the East of Russia. There are output of iron, molibdenum, gold, coal, mineral and radon water, also deposits of the non-metal minerals: barite, bentonite, facing marble and granite, constructional materials. Explored deposits of copper, polymetals, phosphorites, asbestos, gypsum, nephritis, jadeite. There are 166 deposits in the republic which are in the state balance. In the discovered deposits there are (in persantage from resourses of Russian Federation): coal 3%, iron ore %, molibdenum 11%, barite 27%, betonite 6.5%, facing stones 13%. There are high perspectives of opening manganese, tungsten, antimony, cobalt, high qualifired facing craftwork stones, industrial carbohydrates row minerals.
Forest resourses. Khakasian forests is one of the main kinds of the natural resourses and play the fundamental role in the developement of the rupublic economy. Forest stock of the Republic of Khakasiya is 3988.2 thousands hectares, occupying two trird of its territory About 96% of the forest fund relates to mountain forests, having significunt water generating and land protecting meanings. Special value in Khakasiya take cedar forests which are 29% of the whole forests. 20% of the Republic occupied by steppe belt. Total wood reserve of the main wood breeds is 438 millions cubic metres. Including 127 millions m.c. of the coniferous trees. Vegetation of Khakasiya consists of more than 1.5 thousands kindsof higher plants. About 300 kinds of plants are medical and technical raw stock. The most valuable foodftuffs are ramson and batfish fern, which stocks are significunt. thre are two state national parks, 4 republican meaning zoological wildlife preserves, more than 100 natural memorials. Despite the technological influence of constructioning and built objects on environment, ecological situation is valued as satisfactory.
Land resourses. Total area of land fund is 6156.9 thousands cectars. The biggest area of agricultural meaning occupies chernozems with different humus content (mostly low content)
Fauna. There are more than 76 kinds of mammals and 45 kinds of birds, which are objects of trapping and hunting. From hoofed animals there are elk, maral, roe, musk deer, wild boar, asiatic ibex. In craft scales: brown bear, sable, fox, beaver and others. There are also extremely rare animals as red wolf, snow leopard and wild ram, which are included into the  Russian Red Book. 25 kinds are included in rigion list of rare, threatened and  easily vulnerable species. Total fishhold fund of the Republic consists of 190 big and small rivers and 500 lakes, where inhabit 34 kinds of fish (including the most valuable - grayling, taimen, lenok). Works on reproduction of valuable kinds of fish had been operating: Beloyarskiy sturgeon-pollan plant releases into Khakasian water pools about 1 million sturgeon units and 7 millions pollan units annually.
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