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Ford Focus

New Ford Focus immediately attracts an attention because of its elegant and dynamic design, all parts of which where developing with in exact corresponding with "kinetic design" philosophy. New Focus offers for rent in Novosibirsk as 4-door sedan and 5-door wagon.
"Kinetic design" - is new bold direction in Ford Company's vehicle developing. After a success, which folowed launch of new Mondeo and presentation S-MAX, designers always followed "kinetic design" philosophy and during constructing Focus - a car with perfect dynamic performance, too. Every part of the body was designed over again. And as the result of such deep processing they imbodied the main principle of "kinetic design", which could be formulates as "energy in movement". New Focus got more dynamic and athletic design, emphasizing its swiftness and manoeuvrability and exact this car we are ready to offer for rent in Novosibirsk to You.

Car rental in Novosibirsk requires a special attention to quality of each car and we have been working with Ford Focus cars for 7 years in Novosibirsk. Now you can rent new Ford Focus for 1200 rubles per day and value all fascination of this car.

Focus Comfort - is new exclusive pleasure in Your life. This car attracts an attention with its stylish design. You could get more boldness and dynamics with special sport kits.

Key features:

  • Air conditioner.
  • Trip competer.
  • Chrome-plated top of the gitter.
  • Side mirrors with the colour of the body with heating.
  • Side door's handles with the colour of the body.
  • Aluminium inside door handles.
  • Mat aluminium ii the bezel.

More detailed information about Ford Focus Hire and Rental for 1000 rebles per day in Novosibirsk and also about prices, discounts and other information You could get from our managers.

We have low prices for car hire and rental in Novosibirsk.


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