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Foreign cars Rental

Прокат авто иномарок в Новосибирске

Rent a car solon "SL RENT A CAR" offers foreign cars for rent. All uor cars are in perfect condition!

We have reasonable prices for car hire and rental in Novosibirsk.

Foreign cars hire and rental from "SL RENT A CAR" salon.


 Ford focus II

Dynamic, elegant and refined design, embodiment of new technoligies. Comfort and quality, lower noise level, lower vibratios and shaking. The biggest trunk capacity in the class. Impressive feeling of confidence during driving. High level of active and passive safety ensures advanced level of passengers's and driver's protection.

Huyndai Accent

Incredible dalanced vehicle. And also it is a reliable, efficient, comfortable and faultless car.

Renault Logan

Bestseller of a market, the best proposition in the segment of inexpencive cars. This comfortable family sedan in the best way fit the conditions of russian roads. Its suspension has no equal in energy intensity, comfort and steerability among cars in inexpencive class. Spacious saloon, trunk with capacity 510 L., great number of pockets and sections let You take all necessary things with comfort!
Renault Logan - is unsurpassed combination of spacious saloon, excellent ride performance, riliability and reasonable price.


New Volvo S60 is a dream embodied for real life. It is one of the most stylish and safety cars in the world, equipped with the most modern systems of personal safety: strong protective body framework, forced with highly durable steel; glued with PUR-sealant windshield; zones of predictable deformation, decreasing an intencity of stroke; two-threshold airbags; SIPS, WHIPS systems; infate air curtain IC and others elements, deflecting or despersing an intencity of stroke.
This car equipped with 5-cylinder engine of new generation, it could demonstrate 170, 200 and 250 hp., 5 gear transmission, including Geartronic, the newest suspension Multi-link, traction controll system STC, system of dynamic stabilisation and drawn control DSTC.
The newest audio system equipped with modern radio reciever with RDS, installed CD-changer and thirteen hi-class speakers.
Rear seat is comfortable for three adults. Vehicle has special installed saloon filter, which extract not only dust, but also micro-fractions of exaust gas.
Trunk capacity 394 L. could be easily increased if put down rear seat or part of it.
Pleasure begins when You get a driving seat. Everything situated direct there, where You think it could be. You can manage audio system, telephone, computer, cruise-control system while driving whithout loosing a control. You and Your passengers travel on the most comfortable seats in auto world.
And if You want to strengthen a feeling of sport, choose deep profiled sport seats with an extra side holdback. Only when You could concentrate on driving, begins real entertainment. Volvo is rational combination of comfort, sport and safety.
Three adults could travel on rear sear with comfort. All seats has three-point seat belts with pre-idlers. Instaled cabin-filter prevents penetration of dust, dirt and smelling of exaust gas inside. You can also add improved air-cleaning system, which controls and clean incoming air - so inside air is cleaner than outside.
Separate air ports for rear passengers provide additional comfort and help to clean side windows out of ice. Quiet and powerful 5-cylinder engine is important part of pleasant driving Volvo S60.

New generation engine

Volvo S60 engine belongs to the new generation of gasoline engines Volvo and produced in five variants from 140 hp to 250 hp with turbo and without. Low friction force and the last technical developements in the area of electronic  engine management improves speed performance and decrease fuel consumption. At once engine fits the highest international requirements of environment protection.

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