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Special proposal for long term rental. Car hiring and rental in Novosibirsk. Car reservation in Novosibirsk.

Who need this service?

1. Rapidly growing companies, who value ones time and wish to conclude a transport problem quickly, and if they lack of need a car, they could return it without of problems with selling and bureaucracy.

2. Those who has their car beign repaired.

3. Those who temporary need a car for work or travel across Siberia.

4. Those who receive guests or colleagues

How are cars prepaired?

Except standard set: full insurance cover (KASKO - property insurance, OSAGO liability insurance), winter tires and periodical technical examination at official brand services we offer an additional equipping rented car according to a client's wishes with multimedia systems, roof trunks, kid's chairs and frosting bags.

   Cars for rent in Novosibirsk

For long term rent we offer cars totally prepaired to exploitation (technical inspection, insurance, taxes winter tires and periodical technical service at a brand service). Substitution car will get You rid of concerns about repair, and if You need to receive guests You can take for a few days business-class car or microbus. This service costs 35 000 rubles per month for economic-class cars (Renault Logan, Hyundai Accent and Ford Focus) and 50 000 rubles per month for business-class cars (Peugeot 407)

                               Advantages of long period rent in Novosibirsk.

1. Solution of a transport question during 2 hours;

2. Ability to temporary change a rented car to a higher class car;

3. Payments including VAT;

4. Rented car totally prepaired for exploitation (full insurance, technical examination, winter tires);

5. SLRENTACAR offers low prices for car rental in Novosibirsk;

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For corporate persons