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To sell (buy) a car in novosibirsk. Car Repair (share parts) in novosibirsk.

You can purchase following cars:


Peugeot 407, kilometerage 75 000 (km). 2004 year of construction

Price 450 000 rubles

bunding - maximal, automatic transmission("tiptronic"),

sedan, beige colored,

engine capacity 2,2 L. 160 hp.




Ford Focus II, kilometerage 65 000 (km). 2005 year of construction

price 300 000 rubles.

sedan, white, bunding - simple, manual transmission

engine capacity 1.4 L.




Hyundai Accent, kilometerage 65 000 (km). 2005 year of construction.

Price 200 000 rubles.

sedan, golden colored, automatic transmirrion, air conditioner,

engine capacity 1.5 L.




VAZ 2107 kilometerage 5 000 (km), 2008 year of construction.

Price 150 000 rubles.

sedan, white, injector engine.

engine capacity 1.5 L. 




1959 year of construction

Price 65 000 rubles




1953 year of construction

Price100 000 rub



Garage for sale. For two cars. Price 550 000 rubles (guarded garage cooperative «Voin») Berdsk,

Underground parking place in Izumrudnyi, Price 1 000 000 rubles.

Garages and underground lots are guarantees of Your composure and health. They could never be exceeded by the most modern guard systems with saloon heating functions, because they are just an additional functions.

Garages or underground car lots - is a perfect technical condition of Your Iron friend, as he needs to relax too, especially during our frosty winters. It is Your safety!

Think about yourself, family and Your wonderful car!

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Cars for sale
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