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Car rental. Altai, Moutain Altai, Barnaul. Altaian climate caused by its intercontinental location, compound mountain relief and some other factors. Altai characterized with a significant hight of the sun in Summer (60-60 degrees) and with a length af a day - up to 17 hours. It is even longer then in Yalta and Sochi.

But much less sun shines in deep valleys and at the north slopes. That is why choosing a place for camping grounds or bivouas it is required to remember that east slopes lights up for 1-1.5 hours earlier than west. It is important, because usually the weather in Altai is more sunny in mornings. Also you should rememder that when the sun intencity is high, sunburns are possible, especially during staying at snowfields, icehouses.

Altai also characterized with an extremely irregular precipitations distribution. But the general rule is that their amount decreses from west to east. The most rainy is western Altai area (up to 2000 mm per year), much less amount of precipitations is in the North-Eastern Altai and the minimal amount of precipitation is in the area of intermountain kettles of the Central and Eastern Altai: a year amount of precipitations there is less then 200 mm. The most "dry" area in Altai - is Chuiskaya steppe (100-150 mm).

Most tuorists come here to walk, ride or float through its wild, virgin, clean lands which haven't damaged by people yet. Altai is a true paradise for people who loves nature and thrill, who loves to discover something new and dreams about fascinating adventures. There is no other plase with the same divercity of tours and routs.

Here You can admire the amazing picturesque nature from the birg flight hight, flying a paraplane and lower an underground caverns kindom. With a special alpine equipment You could conquer a great Altaian beyond the clouds mountain peaks or visit its wonderful world of icehouses.

For people who attracted to water, Altaian rivers prepaired a great amount of adventures and surprises, which would grant You unforgetable emotions and impressions!

And if You lured by wild romantic of foot trips, so prepair Your road bag and go ahead across pathes and trails, which are even not available for high passable machines.

In a phrase, You could satisfy any of Your tourist's wishes. It is should be noticed, that despite that trips are devided on foot, cycle or boating, many of them are combined. Because sometimes to reach one place it is necessary to use a horse, a boat and just walk.

Slrentacar car rental company is a quality, reliability, low prices and comfortable service. Car rental. Altai, Moutain Altai, Barnaul - is far from full list of wonderful places that You could visit driving our cars!

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