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Ford Focus at 1 000 rubles per day

Car rental salon "SL RENT A CAR"

"Izumrudnyi bereg" Co Ltd

Adress: post index 633011, Berbsk, Izumrudnyi gorodok, 4

Tel.: +7 (923) 2279337; 

E-Mail: sl_rent_a_car@mail.ru


More detailed information about Car Hire and Rental at one thousand rubles per day in Novosibirsk and also about the most efficient conditions, discounts, the most efficient  propositions and other information You could get from our managers. Berdsk 633011, Gorodok Izumrudnyi str, 4.

  • Novosibirsk - remote delivery by order
  • Novokuznetsk - remote delivery by order
  • Kemerovo - remote delivery by order
  • Barnaul - remote delivery by order


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